Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Color Mixing

Thanks to Jo at A Bit of This and That for this super fun activity!!! O loved it! I set out 5 glasses and put a few drops of food coloring in each one. I had O guess which color each would hold before she poured in the water. She did a great job pouring, but I did have to remind her to pour slowly and carefully and to support the measuring cup with her left hand. She did a good job guessing what the colors would be, except that she guessed that the blue would be white :)
She used her drum stick to make music briefly.
Then she was ready to mix! I couldn't find the dropper, so we tried a turkey baster which did not work well. Its a concept that she has not mastered yet. I quickly got out a bowl and let her pour the colored water into it. She LOVED doing this, and it made an icky greenish, brown color! Thanks again, Jo, for this wonderful activity!!!


  1. I'm glad o enjoyed it, we will be doing it again, if he EVER finishes eating his lunch...

  2. I am excited to get started on akk the activities you share! Thanks!

  3. By the way thank you for emailing me with all my answers, They were great and I appreciate you taking the time!

  4. great idea!!! we will have to do this one too!