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Friday, July 11, 2008

Helping with the Laundry

One of O's favorite things to do is to "elp mama" load the washing machine. I sort the clothes from the hamper and put them in a pile in the hallway (outside the linen closet where the hamper is kept), and she takes them piece by piece to the washing machine. This keeps her busy for a LONG time (long enough for me to fold and put away a load of clothes), and she is very proud of herself. She kept sniffing the clothes while saying "dada's shirt dirty." Occasionally, she'd say "stinks" although none of the clothes actually stank :) O chose all of her clothes today, and she was very proud of herself. She was especially happy about her "tap-tap" shoes and socks!

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  1. I have been inspired by your blog for a few years now. My eldest son was 4 in September and my youngest 2.
    I wish I had your patience and creativity. I "steal" a lot of your ideas! I have one idea that I thought I could pass on for laundry. My oldest has daily jobs and one is loading the washer. We have a front loader and he puts all the clothes in, opens the soap drawer independently but needs help with soap so I put some in a hand soap pump dispenser. He squirts in 5 pumps and starts the wash! I love it! And he feels really good about himself. (Yes, I am embarrassed to say we probably do a load almost everyday)