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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thanks for all the Nice Comments!

Thanks for all the nice comments lately. I really appreciate hearing from you and knowing that people actually read this blog :) I try to respond to most comments and all questions, and I usually just answer the questions in the comments section of my own blog. I don't know if people actually come back to see if their questions have been answered, but its a quick and efficient way to responds to that's what I do :) I really try to not use the computer when O is awake, so my computer time is limited and do everything as quickly as I can. So thanks again!


  1. i would love to hear your daily schedule! i have a 3 year old (as of yesterday), a 19 month old and a 1 month old. i know it'll be tough but i would love to start making more time for activities like the ones you post about. any ideas? :)

    also, where do you keep all the work she's not doing right now? i'm assuming you only keep a certain number of things out at a time. does she have a play space that's just toys or does she do all montessori work? so many questions b/c you seem to have it under control so well!!!

  2. I LOVE your blog. Thank you for giving everyone such wonderful ideas for our own children. You are an inspiration. I too really love to hear what O's daily schedule is like. Does she have set times each day where learning takes place? What time does O go to sleep? Thank you, again for your wonderful blog.

  3. Thanks, ladies!!! I've actually decided to write a post about our daily schedule that I'll post tomorrow afternoon. Its a bit of a ramble, so I want to proof it before I post it :)

  4. thanks for all your great blogging and activities!!! i love your blog and your part of the reason i decided to blog my teaching of my little monkey girl!!! thank you soo much