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Monday, July 14, 2008

Making Foam Maker

The idea and directions for this project came from this blog. All you need is a bottle with the end cut off, a washcloth, and a rubber band. Super simple and fun! Once you construct the foam maker, all you have to do is dip it in a flat dish of bubble solution and then blow. You'll have lots of fun foam! Unfortunately, this is not the greatest activity for a toddler. O helped make the foam maker by stretching the rubberband over the washcloth, but then it was time to make foam. Here's my advice to you...don't let your toddler blow on the bottle because if they suck back in, they will get a mouthful of soapy foam. Not fun! Poor little O. She was foaming at the mouth :( She handled it well, but she wasn't willing to try again.

Here's my foam maker.
O REALLY enjoyed playing with the foam, so this was definitely an activity worth doing.


  1. Cool, my older kid would probably like this!

  2. Wow, this looks fun and easy :)

  3. just wanted to say i love your blog.. and am starting to do some montessori ideas with my just turned 2 year old (my other daughters are at school) thanks for the inspiration

    we made the foamerator a couple of weeks ago.. heres our one

    My older ones know not to suck but in.. i showed them hold foamer away - breath in - breathe out into foamer - pull away - breathe in - etc etc.... so they dont breathe in the bubbles... also i had to stop my kids doing it as I felt they were going to hyperventilate from so much breathing out fastly....

  4. My daughter sent me this link and I have learned so much from you. I have 11 grandbabies and they will love this. I'm going to put some past food coloring in a batch of bubbles and see what happens.

    Thank you.