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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Goodnight Moon Lapbook

Thanks to Sako for this wonderful Goodnight Moon lapbook! If you haven't checked out her blog, One Little, Two Little, you need to do it right now! I love this lapbook, and her most recent one which is about the human body is great, too (I can't wait to make it!). I've wanted to make a lapbook for O for a while, but I was a little intimidated by the process. However, all I had to do was download the files, print, cut, laminate, and glue :) Thanks, Sako, for sharing the wonderful materials you made!!! I especially love the pockets on the lapbook, and O does, too. I laminated the mini books, but I probably shouldn't have because now the pages are difficult to turn. O loves the clock, but I think coloring the balloons was her favorite part so far.
Its so great to have so many different activities in a small, organized space, and I love that O's 1st lapbook is based on one of our all time favorite books!


  1. You did a great job! I'm so glad that O loves it! And, you're very welcome!

  2. cool i'm making a if you give amoose a muffin lapbook this week to go with my post book it sunday! my girls love that book and i was able to check out the big oversized one! so thanks for posting about hte lapbook i've been wanting to try it but keep forgetting! was it easy to make????

  3. Neat. I am interested in doing lap books. What were some things you did with O when she was 1 year old. Like just turned a year?

  4. Real Me- I looked back at my other blog to see what we were doing when O was 1, and I'm going to copy and paste a "homeschooling" post from way back then...

    Since O is 1, I decided that its time for her to start school- Homeschool! What fun! No more just hanging out being a baby. We have several different categories of activities to do each day including fine motor, gross motor, sensory, art, music, Spanish, language, sign language, etc. For our fine motor activites we put plastic chips into a container that had a slit cut into the top, and we put a square block into a container that had a square cut into the top (thanks Ell!). For our gross motor activity we rolled, threw, and caught a ball. For our sensory activity I hid small objects in aluminum foil and let O unwrap it to find the objects. I had to watch her very closely because the foil tears easily and creates a choking hazard. This activity was lots of fun. For our Spanish activity we listened to a Spanish nursery rhymes cd and named colors and objects and counted in spanish. For our language activity we talked a lot, sang songs, and read at least 20 books. Our signs that we are working on this week are please and thank you. She's doing great with them!

    O's homeschool is going well. We fill our days with fun, educational activities. This week we have been going on "sensory" walks. I wear O in the Beco, and we stop along the way to touch tree trunks, flags, gates, leaves, flowers, mailboxes, gumballs, etc. We smell flowers, crunch dead leaves in our hands, open and close our mailbox, put the mailbox flag up and down, and talk about the difference in leaves from different trees (fig leaves are fuzzy, peach tree leaves are smooth, etc.). We have a great time and wearing O in the Beco makes it so easy to let her have access to everything around us. We've had fun playing in the sand box, and hiding gumballs in the sand for her to find. Our inside activities include throwing, bouncing, and catching the ball. Putting puzzle pieces in the right places, putting chips in a slit in a container, playing with the shape sorter, walking laps back and forth across the den while pushing her buggy, practicing turning lights on and off, putting lids on and off pots, singing songs, playing with a ziploc bag half-filled with water, and reading LOTS of books. We love to sit in the "reading chair" with about O's favorite books and read them over and over again. Her current favorites are Mi Libro Grande de Las Palabras and Poems to read to the very young.

  5. Shannon- It was easy to make because Sako from one little, two little did all of the work :) The hardest part was finding the time to do all of the cutting!

  6. Thanks for sharing!