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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Making a Pinata

We've been working all week to get ready for O's birthday party. One of our projects was making a pinata. It was easy and fun, and O thoroughly enjoyed herself. We'll definitely do this again!
1st we mixed 2 cups of flour with 3 cups of water
Then we dipped strips of torn newspapers into the mixture
We squeezed some of the excess water out
We then smoothed the pieces of newspaper out onto the balloon. After we covered the entire balloon, we let it dry. Then we put a second layer of paper mache on the balloon.
After the balloon was dry, we painted it green (O's choice). Then she and Guh-guh painted different colored polka dots on it. I added strings and a cup last night to make it into a hot air balloon. Its simple and not that pretty, but the kids LOVED it!


  1. Soooo cool! I just started reading your blog about a week ago and I love all the activities you do with your daughter. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday to O!

  2. adorable pinata... I will have to keep this idea in mind.. I am always looking for "round" shapes.. we have done easter egg shape at easter, a beach ball for 2nd birthday party, Christmas bauble ....