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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Making Homemade Ice-Cream

I bought Elliott an ice-cream ball for his birthday last year, which has been unopened in the cabinet until yesterday. Shannon at Teaching Tiny Tots post about making ice cream in a bag reminded me of it, and we thought it would be a fun July 4th activity.
Helping daddy pour the ice and rock salt into the ball.
Pouring the mixture of cream, sugar, and vanilla into the ice cream chamber
Rolling the ball around. O had lots of fun for the 1st 5 minutes, then she was ready to EAT! Unfortunately, we had to shake it for 10 minutes, check it, and shake it for 10 more minutes.
Can you tell that she LOVED the ice cream? It was delicious!!! We added fresh peaches, and it was the best ice cream we've ever had!


  1. Hey! Great minds think alike! We made homemade ice cream yesterday too (and I posted about it on the blog!) I have always wanted to try one of those ice cream balls. Sounds like fun!

  2. We made home made ice cream yesterday with local ripe peaches also! It was YUMMY! It is a must for every summer!

  3. yippee i'm glad seh liked it! my oldest has a ice crea mball to i noticed as i opened the cabinet i'll have to get that out too sometime!!

  4. That looks like fun. My mil used to let her ice cream melt, and called it "Ice Cream Soup." I like it soft like that, too!
    BTW, I'm not sure if it would help since the ball is plastic, but try putting it in the fridge overnight (if you didn't already). If it's cold, it might work faster.