Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tray Tuesday

We forgot about Muffin Tin Monday, so we planned to do it on Tuesday. My sister didn't like the looks of my muffin tins, so we decided to have Tray Tuesday! Its not quite as fun as Muffin Tin Monday, but it worked for us! O had stewed grape tomatoes with bell peppers served on brown rice, crab and pasta salad, tomatos, cucumbers, avocados, and banana peppers, and grilled chicken and yellow squash.
My niece had basically the same thing, but she also has dip-dip for her cucumbers and tomatoes and for her chicken. I added O's dip-dip later.


  1. good thinking! i was going to use their trays too since i forget to by a muffin!
    when you get a chance visit my blog i have an award for you its under the i got an award post!

  2. I agree with M about your muffin tins. Sorry!

  3. Becca! They're clean, I promise. But they are old. Maybe I shouldn't use them anymore :)

  4. I knew you wouldn't use something that wasn't clean! :) It just looks like they might have some burnt in rust in the photos. :) Of course I know you and that you would NEVER even think of using something unsafe. That is why I had to joke about the old muffin tins!