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Monday, July 14, 2008

Homemade Bathtub Crayons

I thought it would be fun for O and I to make bathtub crayons a few days ago. I was was fun, but the crayons were a dismal failure :( I can't find the recipe that I used, but its similar to this one. I think I should have grated my soap finer, and I added in extra water when the soap hardened too soon. Don't do that if you make these crayons! The crayons with the extra water were mushy and crumbly. O enjoyed helping grate the soap
and mixing in the warm water
and mixing in the washable paint.
Here they are. Aren't they lovely? I didn't have any candy molds or cookie cutters, so we tried to shape them like these cool rock crayons. Didn't turn out so well :( The good news is that O had a terrific time playing with the bathtub crayons in the shower tonight. She colored a little bit, but then she made a delicious soapy soup in her upside down water drum. We'll try this again soon, and hopefully it will turn out a little better :)


  1. O'well. Still looks like you had fun!

  2. I'm new to your blog and I was just wondering how old your daughter is. Are most of these activities for children of a certain age?

  3. O will be 2 tomorrow :( I can't believe that's she almost 2! I think that most of the activities we do can be adapted for a somewhat younger child. However, we use lots of things that could be chokables (which I am paranoid about), so you have to be extremely careful with a younger child. Lots of our activities are perfectly suited for children older than O. I've just adapted them for her. I plan on using my own blog as a resource for things to do next summer :)

  4. thanks for the idea! my daughter turns 18 mos. tomorrow, so i might wait on this with her. :)

    amy (the one who requested a bathtime idea)

  5. Amy- the sponge and straw boats would be fun for the bathtub, too! O also really enjoys playing with funnels and making "soup" in the bathtub. I think I'll take her plastic ice cubes down to the tub tomorrow for her special soapy soup :)