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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mixing Colors and a Making a Bowling Game

To make this bowling game you need 6 water bottles filled with water and food coloring. O squeezed the coloring into the bottles, and we watch the color spread through the water. Then she shook the bottles. I showed her how to mix red and blue to make purple and red and yellow to make orange. She was a little squeeze happy with the blue, so our purple bottle is very dark. After we were satisfied with the colors of our water in each bottle, I tightly screwed each lid on (I'll glue them on later).
Then it was time to bowl! O likes to get right next to the bottles, and she drops the ball right on them.
We labeled the colors of the bottles that she knocked over. This is also a good counting activity since we counted the bottles that fell.
We were impressed with how pretty our paper towel (that we used to clean up our mess) was, so we hung it on the sliding glass door.


  1. What a neat activity! I will do this with my girl!

  2. cute!! love the paper towel! we do the bowling game all the time! i'm working on making farm animal sock puppets right now guess you can think of the theme of activities for the next few weeks: farm animals!

  3. How very cool are you?! I LOVE this. What fun. Thanks for the inspiration.
    In PEACE

  4. Ahhh, you keep coming up with great ideas! I'll have to see how many bottles we have tomorrow - I'm sure they'll be mismatching ;)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I can't believe you had plastic water bottles in house! ;)

  6. Becca- You know me so well :) We had water bottles because Elliott bought water to take to the Bahamas since we can't drink the water there.

  7. Another great idea Melissa, thanks.
    We actually have water bottles right now because we just came back from camping.