Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We Had a Wonderful Day!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! O was very excited this morning when she came upstairs and saw her crown and everything else. She immediately tried to cut her cake, but it was a little difficult. She insisted on having goldfish crackers for breakfast (along with bananas and raisins). After breakfast we went to storytime at the library where she had fun dancing and singing. She was very excited that dada went with us to the library. We signed up for swimming lessons, then headed to the water park to meet up with our family and friends. O took a short nap on the way to the water park. She was very excited about her "choc-choc" banana and the delicious homemade peach ice-cream that Aunt Mem made. We played in the pool and relaxed in the lazy river for a fun-filled 4 hours. What a great day!


  1. yea O i'm so glad she had a great day!!!! those bananas or nana as my little banana eating monkey calls them looks so good! i mighthave to make some!

  2. wow!! I just did all the same things a week ago... but my daughter wouldn't wear her crown at all... she screamed if i tried to put it on... we got one lousy photo before she ripped it right off!! I can't buy the candle rings in Australia so i got my dad to make one (he was too late in getting it to me) it is simple wooden one that i have to paint up

    here is my entry

    I thought your daughter was older than mine.. she does so much more!! I thought she was 2 and 1/2 or almost 3... I am starting to trial some of your montessori ideas... thanks for the inspiration!!