Chasing Cheerios

Friday, July 4, 2008

Transferring Plastic Ice Cubes

Yesterday O wanted to "cook with ice," but when I opened the freezer to get the ice, I saw that we didn't have any :( Luckily, I remembered an activity that I saw on Montessori Mama's blog a few months ago, and I had all of the materials I needed to give it a try. For this activity, you need 2 bowls, water, plastic ice cubes, and a strainer or slotted spoon. I put all of the plastic ice cubes (we usually use them for a color sorting activity) in the bowl of water, and showed O how to scoop them using the mesh strainer and then drop them into the empty bowl. She LOVED this and was very focused. I gave her a slotted spoon, a mesh strainer, and another type of spoon, and she liked the mesh strainer the best. This was a great activity for a hot afternoon!


  1. Great summer idea thanks! I don't have any of the plastic cubes but maybe I could even have her use ice cubes this afternoon at my parents' house to keep her busy in the backyard. :)

  2. babyebi asks to do ice cooking everytime it is sunny, I have to remember to keep the ice stocked up too! I think I will have a look for some of the plastic ice cubes today.

    Re: culture items - we don't actually have anything for the USA, just Canada, Mexico and Dominican Republic. So anything is fine.