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Monday, July 14, 2008

A Gift for Guh-guh

O made a special birthday present for my mom today. They share a birthday (which is on Wednesday), and we wanted to make Guh-guh (aka Duggie) something original. So... Duggie, DON'T look!! O had fun painting the canvas green. She said she was "done" before covering the canvas, so we painted the rest of it together. She liked me holding her hand and helping her finish which surprised me. After the canvas was covered with paint, she held her hands up and I pressed them onto the canvas. O was super excited when she saw her hands on the painting, and she wanted to make more. I told her that we'd make another one soon (because I want one for my wall!). The idea for this project came from here.


  1. LOVE this idea. I will definitely be doing it with all my boys.

  2. I love this idea too, but I have a question... do you tint the paint lighter and dip her hands in it? both descriptions I have read just say to put there hands in the wet paint but when I tried it, it didn't look nearly as cute as yours!

    Love your blog! ~Maureen

  3. Wonderful and soooo pretty for O's Grandmother....she will love it forever!!
    How did you make O's hands stand out so nicely?
    What kind of paint did you use?
    Thank you for always sharing the BEST ideas!

  4. Thanks for all of the nice comments! We used O's washable paint (crayola), and she just put her hands on it after she (we) painted the canvas. The paint dries rather quickly, so the paint was more tacky than wet when we put her hands on it. We put her hands on the canvas, and I pressed down on each of her fingers then lifted her hands up carefully. That's it. Easy peasy :)