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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mommy/Daughter Arts and Crafts Time

I've decided that since O is a little older (2) and is getting more independent that it may be fun for us to sit down at the table together and each do our own separate arts and craft activity. It worked well today and was fun! O colored with markers and decorated herself with "da-doos" (tatoos) while I worked on a scrapbook paper memory game. Then she played with a little troll doll that her Grandaddy Harry brought her yesterday. Check out that cool forehead "da-doo"! She's VERY proud of it!
Here's her other masterpiece!


  1. I bought my daughter acrylic pink and purple paint just like I have. Since it does stain, I made a little cloak for her that covers her clothes. I also put one of those $1 table cloths down on the table. EVERY TIME I sit down too paint or do any kind of craft.. she is right there!! I love it!!

    Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  2. hee hee! cute! i noticed her forehead onteh shining pennies post and figured she created a pretty picture to go w/ that! too cute!!!

    glad you were able to get the game started! i need to post about my family matching game! i will do that for saturdays make and take!

    can't wait to see your game!

  3. love the tatoo!
    I made ebi-kun a memory game using his artwork for his birthday, I will try and get round to posting about it this week or it might be next week at this rate!