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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cake in a Mug

Thanks to Laura for posting about making cake in a mug! We tried this on Sunday night for a special treat, and it was delicious. O was talking about her "pecial treat" all day. I couldn't believe how easy these were to make! Here's the recipe:

You need: a mug, 4 tbs of sugar, 4 tbs of flour (I used 3 tbs of white flour and 1 tbs of whole wheat flour. Next time I'll do 2 of each.), 2 tbs of cocoa, 3 tbs of milk, 3 tbs of oil, and an egg. Combine the dry ingredients, add the wet ingredients, and mix WELL. We didn't mix our quite well enough, and we had egg and flour streaks in our cake :) Put your mug of cake mix in the microwave, and cook it for 3 minutes. Pour it into a bowl and enjoy!
While O and I mixed up the cake, Elliott was making whipped cream to go on top. He shook and shook a jar of cream with 2 marbles, but it was still watery by the time the cake was ready. We poured it into the mini blender (that we used to make baby food when O was tiny), and it was ready in a flash :)

O had fun mixing all of the ingredients together.

Delicious, but VERY rich! Thanks, Laura for sharing this fun and yummy idea :)


  1. very cute idea!! I will have to try that with my daycare kids. Personalized cakes just for kids. I am a "cake in a jar" and :pie in a jar" kick. I think they are so cute and such a great idea for gifts. Angry Chicken had a post about cake in a jar a while back.

  2. I LOVE that - wonder if you could put it in the oven instead?? Hmmmmmm...

  3. Hi, my name is Annette. I now read your blog everyday. Great stuff! I want to ask to make sure I know how to do this: Do you mix those ingredients in one mug and microwave it or are the measurements you gave all mixed together and then poured into several mugs?

  4. Annette- mix all of the ingredients in one mug and put it in the microwave. The cake will rise out of the mug an inch or two, but its not a problem.
    our green nest- Let me know if it works in the oven!

  5. very cute idea!! I will have to try that with my daycare kids. Personalized cakes just for kids.