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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Shell Memory Game

Can you tell that I love making/playing memory games? The idea for this game came from The Write Start. When I saw her post, I knew we would definitely make this game. Its so pretty and fun! If you haven't checked out The Write Start yet, you need to!
First we washed and dried the shells. Then we put the stickers on the shells. I looked several places before finally finding the same exact stickers that were used on the inspiration post (at Target). I was pretty excited especially since all of the other sea life stickers that I'd found were flashy and tacky :) O helped stick a few of the stickers on the shells, but she was a little rough and I was afraid she would tear them.
Since she's not quite ready for a full-fledged memory game, we did a matching game instead. I put a set of shells in each basket, and she chose one from the 1st basket and then found its match in the 2nd basket. She REALLY enjoyed this!Here she is with all of her matches!


  1. Great idea! We're heading to the beach for a wedding at the end of the month. Maybe we will gather some shells and try this too!

  2. Wow. Those stickers are just gorgeous - what a great idea. Our beaches are shelly around here - I might have to make a rock version!

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  4. Ooooh, a rock version is GREAT idea! I think I'll look for some insect stickers to use for that one :)

  5. That is adorable! My daughters would love this, and our yard and porch is presently FILLED with shells that the girls bring back home in bucketfuls from the beach! Nice blog, by the way, filled with all kinds of awesome ideas!