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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Making a Baby Doll Cradle

O and I made a cradle for her "niney" babies using an oatmeal box. It was simple, but it took a few days since it had to dry between each step. First, I cut the oatmeal box. Then O and I painted it with mod podge glue. She LOVED doing this!

While she was painting the box with mod podge glue, I cut out strips of construction paper (O chose the colors) that we laid them on top of the mod podge.
We let the cradle dry for a day before painting it with another layer of mod podge glue. Again, this was SO MUCH fun for O. She stayed busy picking the glue off of her hands for quite a while after we finished this project :)
Here's the finished cradle. Its the perfect size for her "nineys," and she loves to rock them in it. The cradle actually turned out to look a bit like a roll of lifesavers, but O doesn't mind. I thought about embellishing it with stickers and lace, but decided to just leave it as is.


  1. That's adorable...and a very clever use of the oatmeal container!

  2. hi this is sooooooo cute and fun im sure gonna do this with Miral!!!
    let me tell u u are one inspirational mom ,
    i use to spent alot of time with my daughter doing stuff, life is like a fun ride ever since she came into owr lives but it never occured to me that how fun it could be to record and share her lovely toddler years ..and here u came with this fabulous blog so i just ventured into starting my own, well coz its my first so im still learning to handle it :)

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  4. where did you find the "niney" dolls? i have a two year old who LOVES babies and small ones are perfect for her!
    my other question- how did you teach O to sit on the rug, mat, etc. that she usually sits on- during her activities? i homeschool my first grader, and there are times that my two year old works independently on an activity, but it ends up scattered everywhere! i'm sure it's a lot of consistent training, but it's impressive (at least in pictures!!) i am loving your site and using some activities with my littles. thanks for such a useful site!

  5. Laura- The "nineys" are from Wal-mart, and they only cost 97 cents! I have a few extra in my closet, and I need to switch them out because they are getting grimy :) O started sitting on her rug before she was 1, so it's just part of her routine. She knows to get it,and she's getting better and better at spreading it out by herself. I have to admit that we just leave it spread out a lot of the time :)