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Monday, August 18, 2008

Frog and Lily Pad Game

The idea for this game came from a commenter on the magnetic fishing game. I bought a packet of plastic frogs from the Dollar Tree and stuck tacks in their backs to make them magnetic. Then I borrowed the lily pad that O got from the lake today to use as a pattern, and I cut lily pads from craft foam. The blue playsilk makes the perfect pond, and we'll use the fishing pole from the fishing game. When we play this game, we'll work on one-to-one correspondence by trying to put a frog on each lily pad. We'll also talk about sizes since the lily pads are 3 different sizes, and we'll talk about colors since the frogs are several different colors. I think O will like this game because she LOVES lily pads. She has to get a lily pad to hold every time we go for a kayak or pedal boat ride, and she gets excited when lily pads wash up on the beach :)


  1. ....and, yet another wonderful idea! You are AMAZING, Melissa! I can only think of the possibilities with other animals now.

  2. Thanks, Maddy! Did you see the directions that I put up for the sling? I'm sure they're as clear as mud :)

  3. I love your original frog idea.

    I hope you don't mind that I have added a link to your post on my web page.

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