Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Washing Shoes

The idea for this activity came from the Montessori n Such catalog (I LOVE that catalog!). You need a container, wash cloths (the small one is for washing and the larger one is for drying), a couple of brushes, a sponge, and shoes.
O had a great time, and I was excited that we accomplished a few tasks that have long been on my lists. In addition to 3 pairs of shoes, we also washed O's outside baby buggy and a rubber placemat that's been in the garage for several months.


  1. One of the very favorite things to play here is 'car wash' on the Little Tyke cozy coup cars and the wagons in the back yard. I never thought of washing their shoes. So I am sure that we will be trying this very soon. Roxie

  2. It is a great activity we do wash stuff too.

  3. Before you delete too many, I know there is a way to print your blog into a book. Just an idea to keep everything together as it once was. Then you can go back and start deleting. I wish I had the website that does this. It will take some looking around, as I know I have it somewhere. Just give me a few days.

  4. I love your blog. I found it from Like Merchant Ships. I, too, do hands on learning homeschooling. I was just getting ready to do a post about "washing" things and the cereal box puzzles we made. LOL!

    Come visit my blog sometime.

  5. wow, she turned those black shoes blue! that's a lot of scrubbing-way to go O!:P

  6. My L likes to get out all the dusty ride on toys from the garage (spider webs too!!) and wash everything like at a car wash! I like this post because those crocs get pretty dirty pretty quick around here too!!

  7. Your blog is so inspiring! I'm so impressed with the sheer numbers of activities that you come up with during a given week.

    I am in awe!

    I'm trying this idea. My little one will love it!