Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paper Plate Food

O and I had fun making paper plate food today. For this activity you need pictures of food cut from a magazine, glue, and paper plates. O and I looked through old magazines and chose the pictures of food about a week ago, and this afternoon I cut the pictures out. O worked on cutting bits of the magazine, but she's really too little to handle scissors effectively on paper (we need to practice cutting playdoh again). She enjoyed putting the glue on the backs of the pictures using a glue stick. I had to hold the pictures still for her. She also liked patting the pictures onto the plate. After the 1st 2 plates, she was a little tired of the activity and kept leaving saying "mama do it by self." She came back and helped with the 3rd plate, but I did the 4th one by myself :)
She was proud of the finished products! She set her table (by her play kitchen) and fixed supper for dada as soon as he got home!


  1. Melissa

    We just love the Kumon cutting book. I took it apart and made a tray with a page and a pair of scissors on it. I need to refill it whenever Josh uses it but he loves this work. Every page you make some sort of activity. I am sure O will be able to use this within the year.