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Friday, August 15, 2008

A Painting for Grandpa

Since we are into homemade gifts, I decided that O would paint her Granpa a painting on canvas for his birthday. She was thrilled! She chose blue and yellow for her colors, but then asked for green. She looked skeptical when I told her that she could mix blue and yellow to make green. She was very happy when she saw the green appear on her canvas!
She loves making handprints!
She added a little red after the blue, yellow, and green paint dried to spice things up a little.
Here's her masterpiece :)


  1. She created a beautiful piece of art! I just found you via Chrissy at Toddlebits and love your blog (what great ideas!) - I'll be back often!

  2. I'm sure Granpa will be thrilled!

  3. Art that would make even Picasso proud!