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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Riding in the Kayak

Lately, we've been taking a kayak ride every afternoon (our wonderful neighbors let us borrow theirs!). O loves to drag her hand in the water as we glide along the water. I love to watch her little hand and hear the water running through her fingers :) We look for turtles, fish, and alligators. O REALLY wants to see an alligator, but I REALLY don't!


  1. I know you've had a few of these before, but I wanted to also nominate you for a brilliant weblog. Thanks for your great posts!

  2. my husband competed in a 4 day kayak race! it was fun for him! me and the girlsaren't water people! but he loves his 2 kayaks!

    glad she likes it! and you were joking about alliagtors right?? please tell me you were!??

  3. Thanks for the award!

    Shannon- Unfortunately, I wasn't kidding about the alligators :( We haven't seen any lately, but there are definitely many alligators in our lake.

  4. oh my stars i'd be scared to death then to go near it!