Chasing Cheerios

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hard at Work

Don't be fooled by this photo! I filled the wagon with sticks, and O only pushed it for a few seconds. She had trouble balancing it. I think we need to practice when its empty a little more before I fill it again :) Her Guh-guh and Grandpa gave her this great wagon for her birthday, and she's excited to have an "agon just ike dada!" Hopefully, I'll get a little more work out of her tomorrow!


  1. Hi! Love your blog and would love to incorporate many of the activites with my 2yr old. But I have a q - how do you go about introducing new work? Like for example, how to sort things into the correct containers?

    "Another" Laura ;)

  2. Laura- For the Montessori work, I usually use online albums as guides for introducing new work. Here is a link We always do our activity on her rug, and she's gotten good at getting it by herself. She still usually needs help spreading it out :) Thanks for your comment!