Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Teddy Bear Bread

Yesterday I was thinking that I would try to make cinnamon bread with our leftover dough from pizza night, so when I saw Megret's post about Teddy Bear Bread I knew that would be the perfect way to do it! O was thrilled to make 3 little bears of bread...mama, dada, and O, of course! She had fun rolling the dough and decorating the bears with raisins.
We brushed them with olive oil and sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar. O and I thought they were delicious. Elliott thought they needed more sugar :) I think this might become a tradition along with our weekly homemade pizza night. Next time we might make garlic bread bears instead of cinnamon bears :)


  1. How cute! I think these would be great brushed with butter too. (My toddler is on the small side, so we've been told to add butter and oils.) I love the idea of doing garlic bread teddy bears!

  2. I found your blog while googling bear bread. I wanted to make this with my daughter, as I made it as a child! Your blog seems really neat. I am sure I will be back. I just recently started blogging. (I noticed briefly that you have lost a baby- I am sorry for your loss- our little girl was born and died in March of 2008- my heart aches with yours mama)