Chasing Cheerios

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

A couple of weeks ago we went to a second hand children's shop, and I hit the jackpot! I bought the puzzle and game in the picture, plus 3 sets of BOB books, and a set of Brain Quest cards for 18 dollars. I am most excited about the game and puzzle because they will be perfect on our new Montessori shelf :) I put everything else away for later. Last Thursday I went to the thrift store and bought 20 children's books (yes, I am addicted!), a tray for Montessori work, 2 small bowls for Montessori work, and a ballerina costume (for O's suitcase of dress up clothes that I'm giving her Christmas)...all for 12 dollars! I love thrifting!


  1. Great finds! What a blessing!

  2. If you love thrifting...try garage sales! Sometimes you have to go to a few before you hit the jackpot, but once you do, you'll be addicted! I get all my kids toys and clothes (ralph lauren, gap..etc) for .25 - $1. Lots of my furniture comes from garage sales too. By the end of the day, lots of people will give you whats leftover so they don't have to put it back in their home.