Chasing Cheerios

Monday, August 11, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

We missed last week, so O was very excited to see her muffin "tin" today. She had grape tomatoes, goldfish crackers and raisins (I'll be so glad to see the last of these goldfish. We only buy them for special occasions, and we had LOTS leftover from O's birthday party), banana peppers and prunes (the girl LOVES prunes and begs for more!), blueberries, and organic peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread (O's new "fave-it" sandwich!).

Btw- I want to make sure readers know that I am not promoting goldfish colors by making a felt set of these goldfish. We do not let O eat these because we avoid dyes, preservatives, and pretty much anything artificial as much as possible. However, I really think they are cute, but just for play food not real food :)


  1. i didn't even think anything of the goldfish my girls nad even daddy nad me love goldfish! they do have whole grain goldfish now!
    we also love the organic bunnies that are at some stores don't know the brand!

  2. Oh, and isn't it crazy about kids and prunes? My kids all love them and I still think of them as grandpa food. Goes to show what kids will do if we don't pass along our own predispositions!

  3. your rainbow goldfish are adorable!we buy annie's bunnies instead of goldfish. we usually get the whole wheat, but i prefer the white cheddar.

    i forgot about prunes. we have not bought them since spring. the boys love them - must add that to the grocery list!