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Friday, August 8, 2008

Making Wrapping Paper :)

O and I had a great time wrapping a present for one of her friends today. We started with a piece of newspaper. She painted it with her dot painters. Then decorated it with stickers and colored with markers a bit.

Then it was done! We had a great time with this project, and O was very proud. She told me that she want to "get in O's car seat and mama drive to see Momo NOW!" The party is not until Sunday. I hope she can wait that long!

The best part about this is, not only was it fun, but its recyclable! We'll be wrapping all of our Christmas presents in newspaper this year. Although we will use the gift bags that we reuse every year :)


  1. I save the kids' large paintings as wrapping paper.

    Recycled, recyclable, and beautiful.

  2. Very nice way of reusing old newspapers. We used to do that too back when we purchased newspapers and wanted to re use it and save some money as well!